Our Distinctives

There are many aspects that make up the Pinnacle difference.

Long-term University Partnerships

Long-term University Partnerships

Pinnacle has provided university teaching teams for nearly years. We work to find the best people, provide excellent training, and develop teachers so that they will want to stay and build their careers overseas.

Many of our university partnerships span more than 20 and 30 years. Our partners are committed to providing living and teaching environments that are fulfilling and sustainable. We are grateful for their friendship and commitment to create a “home away from home” for our teachers and their families.

Professional Excellence

Professional Excellence

Pinnacle enters long-term educational partnerships with universities to provide ongoing support for and development of university teaching teams. We are known for excellence in recruitment, screening, training, and ongoing professional development. For nearly years, Pinnacle teachers have been honored with a wide variety of educational and foreign expert awards.

Recruiting & Screening

Recruiting and Screening

Pinnacle looks for individuals with high moral character, a strong work ethic, a willingness to acquire skills in another language and culture, and a respect for people and cultures outside their own.

Applicants are screened through a rigorous application and interview process. Only 8% of applicants successfully complete our screening process.

Teacher Retention

Teacher Retention

More than 75% of our teachers stay longer than one year and 50% stay longer than two years. When teachers receive ongoing care and development, they invest more deeply into their teaching responsibilities to give their very best to their students. Working together for the retention of teachers benefits everyone.

We partner with schools that have a commitment to ongoing professional development.

The Pinnacle Difference


Pre-departure TEFL and cross-cultural training

Professional Development

Ongoing professional development training, degrees, and certifications

Teaching Support & Curriculum Resources

The Academic Support Team provides teacher support and supervision as well as curriculum resources.


International and in-country leadership teams