Our Programs

We have developed a variety of innovative programs to meet the growing demands for English language education at our partner schools.


Long-term University Partnerships

We began partnering with universities in 1981. Through this program, we provide excellent university teaching teams to our university partners.

Summer TTP

Teacher Training Programs

Our teacher training program trains primary and middle school teachers and university professors in multiple locations globally to meet national and regional recertification requirements.


Intensive English Programs

We work with partners to provide multi-week English language immersion programs for middle school students, high school students, university students, and professionals.

New Initiatives

Specialized Seminars & Training

We engage with partners to identify specific needs to develop specialized programs and seminars. Examples include: publishing for professors, hospitality training, and IT training.

New Initiatives

New Initiatives

We are committed to the ongoing development of new initiatives which meet our partners’ educational needs. We have worked with our partners to create new programs such as the Center for Executive Leadership (CEL) and the Teachers of Other Languages.


If you're interested in discussing any of our program or partnership offers, please get in touch with us.

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